Friday, April 26, 2013

Healesville Train Station

Today I went for a cruise and ended up at Healesville Train Station (I was planning on going to Yarra Glen, but wasn't paying attention at the turn, then decided I'd just keep driving to Healesville).
It's been a few years since I was at the train station down there, last time was for the reopening of the line for weekend/holiday trips, and I was a bit surprised (and happy) that the train was running again today!

Here's some photos from the station.

This man has a good job.

An old carriage I took a photo of last time I was at Healesville Train Station.

Original carriages and buildings.

The old carriages, still working hard.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New newsletter!

I've been working on setting up a newsletter and will be sending out the first one this Friday!

Subscribers will receive a monthly newsletter with:
- The story behind a chosen artwork
- Specials and promotions
- A reminder of upcoming special occasions

And get 15% off your next order from my Etsy store when you first subscribe!

You can sign up at:

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Max and Me 1st birthday giveaway!

One of my newest favourite businesses is turning 1. To celebrate their first birthday 50 businesses, including Tig's Garden, have donated prizes to contribute to a five week giveaway.
Each week 10 businesses will have prizes up for grabs, the winner of each week winning all 10, worth between $250 - $350.

Head over to Max and Me Designs on Facebook, or visit their blog to find out how to win!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A bit of a change

For a long time I've wanted to focus a bit more on my art, so this month I signed up to a handmade business group called Set Up Shop and am making myself sit down each day and work through how to make my art into something that I can create all the time.

So there are a few changes in my daily routine, my business thinking and now on my blog!

I've renamed my blog to Tig's Garden, which is the name I'm using for my artworks, and will slowly be changing how it looks over the coming weeks. I'll be posting a lot more about the inspiration and stories behind my art.  So I hope you can come along with me for the ride and enjoy the changes!