Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My introduction to dolls

Mum has been into dolls for a while, and making clothes for them (you may have seen over at There's always another doll blog), and I've recently been wanting to do more photography so we've been combining the two for her promotions. And it's a lot of fun :)
Here are some of the photos we've produced, feel free to give feedback!

This is my mums Goodreau doll, Innuendo. She's one of the prettiest dolls I've seen (don't mention that to the other dolls though, I've been told they can get jealous).
I had a quick look around the net for some details on her (and to make sure I spelt her name properly), and she looks so different depending what wig she's wearing. The blonde suits her I think, gives a soft and friendly look. And I love her eyes.

 One of the dresses mum made for the new barbie bodies, a strapless party dress, what more could barbie want?

Oh yeah, a Ferrari.

I think this barbie also looks great! This is one of the fashionista barbies that you can swap the head. We had three heads for her at the moment, two of which I love the look of and will be using quite a lot over the coming photoshoots.

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