Friday, January 4, 2013


Last time I remember it being this hot for days was when the Black Saturday bush fires happened. I know the news has been mentioning that constantly for the last 2 months ('it will be the worst summer since Black Saturday'), but we've had a fairly cool summer the last few years. We've been quite lucky.
This is a photo dad took that day. This cute little guy was looking for a bit of relief during the hot weather.

We'd left a fishtank out the front for a few months which had filled with rainwater. It was obviously a nice place to sit for a few minutes before waddling off into the bush.


  1. Actually if you look closely there are two fish tanks, one inside the other. I wonder if that insulated it and kept the water cooler. He looks very content, doesn't he?

    1. Not sure how insulated it would be as the top is always off, but it's pretty much always in the shade so it would keep pretty cool.
      He did seem to enjoy it :)