Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Introducing Story Cards

Behind every artwork there is a story. This was really put into perspective for me while photographing the tea cups. Artworks conjure up different feelings to each person that looks at them, whether it be nostaliga, anger, love or just pleasure of looking at something. This is one of the reasons I love art, in all of its glory and controversy.

When people are looking at my photos or sketches they often ask me where photos were taken, what type of bird is pictured, what made me take a particular photo, so I thought it would be nice to make up some story cards for each of my photos. I've already made a few for people who have purchased prints through my Etsy store, and am aiming to do a little write up and small sketch for every photo I have available.

When someone purchases any of my photos online and at markets they will receive a little piece of the story with their artwork.


  1. And it was such an awesome surprise to find them with my prints and I love them. I love that when people look at your prints they also get to share in the story behind the print.