Thursday, June 6, 2013


 This milk jug (we think) was originally owned by my great grandmother. 
When she died my great grandfather used to give all the girls in the family a piece of her china as part of their Christmas present.

This milk jug was made by Myott Son & Co. England. It is slightly darker than the picture, I didn't realise it was a bit dirty from dust until after I'd taken the photo. I think I need to give it a good polish.


  1. Oh Joy I love that this piece well all of the pieces you have showed us thus far have such a family connection. I think this kind of thing passing down of china has been lost to future generations. Such a gift from the heart.

    1. Taking photos of them and finding out who they originally belonged to is a lot of fun. I never knew any of these existed until last week (we have a lot of boxes around the house that haven't been opened for years!) and there's still a lot of cups and saucers wrapped up that I haven't looked at yet :)