Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Night tea

In the box with all the tea cups there was also a black milk jug and black sugar bowl. They're seriously sleek.
I was trying to figure out a way to take their photos so it showed how dark and shiny they were (without showing how much they attract pieces of dust in the air!) and their shape. I love their shape. It hit me (mentally, not literally) one night driving home. Why not take a picture of a black item at night? Yeah, maybe a bit silly, but in theory it would keep the focus on the shape.

These are the last two photos I took of the milk jug and sugar bowl, just trying out one more lighting idea I had, really quickly before it got too cold in the back room and I packed up. They ended up being the best photos out of the evening.

{ A bit of history }
My grandparents purchased these in the 70's from Port Elliott, SA from a local potter. While they were on holiday they visited the local pottery studio and had a look around, before they left they told their kids they could choose something each to buy as a gift from the shop and this milk jug and sugar bowl set was what my mum chose.


  1. They have come up good, brilliant idea. I need to check out your prints too as I want to buy some from your series. Like I said and I will say again ( I know I sound like a broken record), but I do like the stories that go with these gems.

    1. I think that's part of what makes them so special, each has their own story, and I've found that tea cups (and other tea related items) seem to be one thing families passed down through generations. I don't know if that still happens as much now as it used to, but I know after this series I'll be keeping up the tradition :)