Thursday, December 26, 2013

2014 changes!

I've been working on some big plans for Tig's Garden in 2014. I'll be launching card packs, limited edition prints and moving my website to another system which will make it a lot easier to look after and offer more items through the website rather than just through Etsy and MadeIt.

One of the main changes will be with the blog. I've decided to break the blog up into two sections. The business side (with all business promotions, information, photo descriptions etc) will be hosted with the new website, while all the other fun stuff (photo journal, flower photos, dolls, awesome stuff I find on the net, games and other non-business related posts) will stay here!
After the change this blog will look a bit different and I'll be renaming it (haven't made a name decision yet), but it will still be full of awesome!

I hope everyone had a great and relaxing Christmas with friends and family.

And for those of you who play WoW, also have a happy Winter Veil!

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