Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Shaded Ladybirds

Been so busy and missed blogging!
I've been reading a lot of blogs the last few weeks with snow storms overseas. Enjoyed looking at all the cold photos while we've been melting in 40C temperatures.

About a week before the hot weather really hit I noticed a lot of little yellow eggs on one of our trees out the back. There were a couple of ladybirds wandering around them so I assumed they were ladybird eggs.

A few days into the hot weather I went for a walk around the house to make sure there were no birds needing water and noticed a bunch of ladybirds sitting in one spot on one of the trees.

They all seemed to be hiding from the heat, so I went and grabbed my camera to take a photo. When I got over to the tree I realised that all the ladybirds must have recently hatched because there were hundreds and they were hiding on every shaded spot on the tree.

Any other plant that was resting on the tree or climbing the tree (we have a fair bit of ivy) had ladybirds hiding behind each leaf.


  1. I wonder how much cooler it was in those little patches of shade than in the hot sun. I really do like these photos.

    1. Not sure how much cooler, although I assume their feet weren't getting too hot when they weren't in full sun.
      I am surprised the side of the tree they chose though, as the other side was in full shade. They would have been a lot cooler there :)