Thursday, February 12, 2015

Studio Weekly

I thought I'd start showing a few more behind the scenes photos on my blog. Each week I'll be putting up some photos of what I've been working on.
So here's what has been happening in and around the studio this week :)

I was inspired to continue with my fabric landscape series, two years after taking a break, so cleared one section of the studio to take photos.

Some small test proofs to get the colour right before I send them off to be printed full size. A few of these need some more work before their ready as they're slightly too dark. 

Brainstorming more small gift cards, building outlines and animals.

I'm waiting for the next lot of small cards and envelopes to be delivered. These five artworks will be part of the next group of cards made. There will also be more mushrooms.

While getting ideas for building outlines I walked around Mt Evelyn taking photos of some historic buildings (I'm sure Mt Evelyn people will recognise most of them!). Earlier in the week there was a special delivery of an M2A2 Vietnam era howitzer at the Mt Evelyn War Memorial Garden. So I had to take a few photos over there too.

This post on the Mt Evelyn RSL's Facebook page has a bit more detail about the M2A2 (plus more photos!).

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