Friday, March 13, 2015

Around the Garden

I haven't been able to take many photos this week of what's happening in my studio as we've been moving things around for the builder to finish out extension. Everything is mess! So I'll try to do an extra big one next week :) (I have put some new mini art cards up in my Etsy shop though.)

So I thought I should take the camera out into the garden again. We've just come into Autumn and have been feeling it this week! It's been a lot cooler and we've even had the fire on two days. Today the sun is out, so perfect for a walk around taking photos.

This is Harry. He's been sleeping in our garden for about 25 years.

We have quite a few wind chimes around the garden. None of them really work now as they're quite rusty, but we still love the look of them.

There aren't many flowers around at the moment, but these two (above and below) are out in full bloom. Funny they're both almost the same blue/purple shade.
I wonder if that colour is fond of Autumn. 

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