Friday, March 11, 2016


So I renamed my blog.

I've been wanting to do some game blogging for a while, and was planning on blogging about my art and games on the same site. But I never started the game posts because it always felt weird to have them mixed together. So I've bitten the bullet and decided to keep them separate.

My art posts will be under (here), where I hope to be able to focus more each week and do a few tutorials or link to tutorials I've been inspired by.
My new game blog is under my old blog name which is brand new today, so bare with me while I make it look a bit prettier! I'll be doing an introduction post over there in the next day or two.

And with the breakup there will be a few small visual changes here, but nothing major. Hopefully a lot more arty posts each week though as my aim is to really focus on my art now that I've finished all my planned commission work.

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