Friday, February 26, 2016

February - In the Studio

During the month I've been getting a bit of exrta time to experiment with new artworks, and catch up on some I started a while ago!

I started experimenting with some new mini art cards, this time with watercolour. These three were the first ones and sold before I had a chance to take a finished photo (they're only half finished here!). 

A new experimental piece, will be handcut and mounted on black.

I had almost run out of mini art cards at the Summer in the Hills market last week, so here's some of the new ones made this week and ready for tomorrows Mt Evelyn Community Market.

Finally got these finished! With the help of my new toy - a staple gun :D
They've been almost ready for a few months, but had no hanging system on the back. Now they're ready to hang, so I just need to finish painting the room and I can put them up! 

I am looking forward to all the new works I have planned throughout March!

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  1. You got quite a bit of work done in February didn't you? You often forget what you've achieved unless you document it.