Monday, November 24, 2014

Blackberry sketch

I'd planned a few blog posts last week but after my computer crashed while doing an update I ended up not being able to access anything and had a stressful time trying to get it back up and running again (thanks to my awesome partner for finally getting it working and re-installing most of the programs I need).

I decided to try a botanical life drawing, rather than from reference photos, making things up as I go, or computer game plants. This was the first time I've drawn 'from life' and it was a lot of fun, although I needed to finish the flower from a reference photo as it was a hot day and it started wilting by the time I had finished the leaves.

Blackberry plants, although they are considered invasive weeds here, have really pretty flowers, and delicious fruit (although this one isn't quite in fruit yet). I had been working in the backyard cutting back and digging up a lot of smaller blackberry plants that were popping up. So to sit down and create something from this plant instead of destroy it was a nice experience.

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