Friday, November 7, 2014

The Garden of Forking Paths - exhibition

The Garden of Forking Paths is a touring interactive game/art exhibition by dLux MediaArts which is opening tomorrow at the Yarra Ranges Regional Museum. Today I got to have a sneak peek while Greg from Yarra Valley FM was interviewing Neil Jenkins, curator of the exhibition.

The games on show aren't mainstream, often try to break the rules, and come from developers all around the world. I'm really excited about this exhibition as it's very atmospheric, focusing on the art and music, allowing you to really get immersed in each game and experiment with what you can do rather than stick to a conventional play style.

It was still being set up while I was taking photos, but I did get to play on the oldest machine there, a Commodore 64, and the newest, a first gen Oculus Rift. I've also heard there will be a TV robot you can talk to, and what the internet looked like when it first began (although some of us are young enough to still remember that).

The Garden of Forking Paths is showing from November 8th to February 15 at Yarra Ranges Regional Museum, 35-37 Castella St, Lilydale, and admission is free.

Curator Neil Jenkins showing us how it's done.

Puppet Motel was one of my favourites, with no instructions, so much to explore all based on image an sound.

This is the first time I've been able to try out the Oculus Rift. Heaps of fun!

Playing area for The Path

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