Friday, November 28, 2014

Hidden colour

I was out in the garden again today and realised I hadn't created a plant photo post for a while! So I got the camera out and am making it up with a lot of images now :)
I hope you enjoy the following photos from our garden.

This one is from a few weeks ago when the onion weed was out and you could hear the constant humming of bees.

A daisy after the rain.

A carpet rose in bud.

The same rose as above in bloom.

Blackberry flowers, although they're a weed I've included them as they're quite pretty.

A rose that's at our front door, we have no idea what it is.
If anyone does know please leave a comment below! We've had it for years and would love to know :)

The flowers below all appeared after clearing up areas of weeds in our back yard over the past 8 months. Most we didn't know existed in the garden but they've obviously survived under the weeds for a long time and are happy to finally have some breathing space.

This fuchsia has bloomed for the first time after we removed a lot of ivy ground cover.

The two photos above are of a pea flower that popped up in the last few days and flowered. We don't know what variety or if it's a native or not.

A Cecile Brunner rose, which we thought was long dead has actually been growing wildly underneath the weeds. Over the past month it's been madly blooming, with up to 20 rose buds on each branch. It's also layered itself in multiple spots and we've been able to break it up and give one plant to my uncle.

This is also the Cecile Brunner in another section of the yard which I haven't cleared yet. I just liked that it looks as though the holly bush has rose flowers :)

The two photos above show another little plant that has appeared in the last few weeks after clearing away ivy. We are not sure what it is yet, but it's very pretty.


  1. It's a pity onion weed is so invasive and also smelly as the flower is lovely,.

    1. I don't mind the smell too much, but it is going to be a bit of work to keep it out of the new garden beds.