Thursday, May 16, 2013

The great tea-dying experiment

I'm working on a new project :D
Lately I've been doing more sketching but I'm not happy with how some of them look as greeting cards. So I've been thinking of ways to display them that isn't on a card and doesn't need to be framed. Trying to get to sleep the other night I came up with an idea (which is when all the good ideas turn up), I could make little zines! Which works well as I've also been experimenting with staining paper to make it look old.

I'm using paper from my sketch book because is a bit heavier than normal printing paper (my sketchbook paper is 110gsm, and the printing paper is 80gsm), this seems to stop the page from buckling too much with the heat/dampness.
Every time we make cups of tea I put aside the teabag for about a minute (so it's not too hot), put the sketch paper out on a tea towel, then literally paint the paper with the teabag. Once it's dried and when we have another cup of tea, I paint the other side.
I'm getting some great effects so far!

I tested printing a moth on one piece I'd tea-dyed and it works well :)

The next step is to tea-dye a few more and work out how I'm stitching them together, and then figure out the zine cover.
I'm aiming to have some tea-dyed products ready to launch on May 23 at the Mt Evelyn Biggest Morning Tea event (which I think is appropriate :)

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