Friday, May 3, 2013

This week I fell in love with...

I spend way too much time looking through what other people have favourited on Etsy, so thought I'd put a post together every Friday/Saturday showing what I've fallen in love with during the week (I'll limit it to three, or we could be here all night!).

Nyan Cat crochet scarf pattern.
ok, so I might have to learn how to crochet, but I would just to make this (although I also see she makes them for people who have no idea how to crochet, tempting!).

A lot of things from CedarMoon
I'm trying to figure out which I item from this shop I love the most, but it has to be one of the dragons, with the Phoenix Flamingo, or maybe the Seahorse... coming in close second. They take old plastic flamingos and redecorate them into awesome statues.

Everything from FloraBeauty
but in particular this Pressed flower necklace (pictured below)
oh and, this other flower necklace... and these petal earrings... I'll stop now :)

I think that will do me this week, or I'll be hypothetically broke ;)

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