Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The UFO Challenge

I was cruising through various blogs today and came across The Crafty Mummy's Finished a UFO Challenge, and in this case UFO stands for Un-Finished Object.

Basically it's a group she's starting to motivate each other to finish or progress unfinished projects, there's no pressure to actually finish them in a certain amount of time. So I'm going to give it a go!

I'm going to start in June, and post at the beginning of each month with what I'm going to (attempt to) finish and at the end of each month with how far I got. It won't always be art related, I've got a few projects already tagged, like a coat I started about a year ago  >.>   and a jumper that I got 90% finished but trying it on I didn't like the sleeve fit so have to pull it apart to make it wearable.
Really looking forward to it :)

Will you be joining in the UFO Challenge??


  1. That's a great idea Joy. I guess you could say my ufo for June will be my online shop. Once that is done then I can focus on creative UFO stuff for me :-)

    1. Definitely! I can't wait to see your shop, there were so many pretty things on your stall that I saw the photo of.